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Sinclair Multifaith Campus Office:

A Center for Spiritual Life

Who We Are


We are a multifaith center for spiritual life

Multifaith Campus Ministry is a center for spiritual life that serves the students, staff, faculty and administrators of Sinclair Community College. We are open to people of all faith traditions; we also welcome seekers who are looking for support and/or challenge on their spiritual journeys.

We are funded by the Multifaith Campus Alliance, an association of individuals and worshiping communities.


What We Believe

We believe that in order to thrive in higher education, a holistic approach to life is essential. The vast wealth of wisdom within spiritual traditions has much to offer to those on this journey. Our intent is to provide support to individuals of the Sinclair Community as they engage in their education or serve students.
We offer:

  • Pastoral care
  • Support in times of crisis
  • Prayer support
  • Class resources/guest lectures
  • Campus programs
  • Peace education
  • Service learning opportunities
  • Retreat programs
  • Connection to community events
  • Opportunities for Interfaith Dialogue



Larry Lindstrom is the Multifaith Campus Chaplain at Sinclair Community College. Larry is an ordained Lutheran minister, who came to Sinclair in July 2016 after serving for 31 years at a congregation near Dayton. He received the Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Texas Lutheran College and the Master of Divinity degree from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. He and his wife Elaine are the proud parents of one daughter, Charlotte, who lives with her wife Becca in Wisconsin.


Where We Are


Sinclair Community College is an urban community college in Dayton, OH. Named among the top 15 Community Colleges in the country, Sinclair offers an Associate Degree program, university transfer classes, direct-to-work programs, customized training programs in business. Enrollment is 24,000 students. These students include high school students taking college credit classes, students continuing their education immediately after high school graduation, students returning to school at other stages in their lives, and life long learners seeking to expand their knowledge and experience. Students come primarily from Montgomery County and the surrounding area of southwest Ohio. However, there are also International Students who come from countries around the world.