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Sinclair Multifaith Campus Office:

A Center for Spiritual Life

Upcoming Events on Campus and in the Community

Thursday, February 28

 “Who are the Mormons? An Introduction to the LDS Church”

1 pm to 2 pm

Sinclair Library loggia area


Representatives from the LDS Church will offer a brief presentation of the history and basic teachings of their tradition. Time for discussion and conversation will follow.



Thursday, March 21

“Discovering Your Own Truth: Identifying as Non-religious in a Religious Culture”

1 pm to 2 pm

Sinclair Library loggia area


More and more people find themselves moving away from a connection to any particular faith tradition. But the “none of the above” label can be a challenging one to take on, in the midst of a culture that assumes everyone is religious.

Professor Kathy Rowell will lead a panel of presenters who share their perspective as people who identify as non-religious. They will move us beyond some unhelpful stereotypes and engage in discussion about how we can all move forward together.


Tuesday, April 9

“I Want to Hear Your Voice: Muslim Women”

11 am to 12 noon

Sinclair Library loggia area

This program might also be entitled “Sinclair Listens.” We hope to make this the first of a series of programs in which we hear from persons and groups who are otherwise silenced in our midst. A panel of Muslim women (students, faculty, and staff) will share their perspectives and respond to questions from the audience. It promises to be a time of learning for all of us!