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Sinclair Multifaith Campus Office:

A Center for Spiritual Life

Student Groups

Organizing Groups
Please email is if you are interested!

Community Service group: If you are interested in helping to start a group that is committed to compassionate action and community service, contact Interfaith Campus Minister Barbara Battin, barbara.battin@sinclair.edu.

Catholic student group: For more information, contact Interfaith Campus Minister Jane Steinhauser at jane.steinhauser@sinclair.edu .

Progressive Christianity group: If you are interested in exploring an approach to Christianity that is inclusive, innovative, and informed, this may be for you. This group will seek God’s wisdom and way through the life and teachings of Jesus as a wisdom person whose lifestyle models building a community justice, compassion, joy and peace for all people. For more information, contact Interfaith Campus Minister Barbara Battin at barbara.battin@sinclair.edu .

Jewish student group: If you are interested in helping to create a Jewish student group, please contact Interfaith Campus Minister Barbara Battin at barbara.battin@sinclair.edu .

Interfaith Dialogue

If you are interested in working with people of other faith traditions for better understanding of all religious traditions and spiritual paths contact Barbara Battin at 512-2481 for more information. The Office of Campus Ministry wants to offer opportunities for conversation and community, education and service. If you would like to be included in our mailing list of interested people, send Barbara an email at barbara.battin@sinclair.edu.

Related Campus Groups
Sinclair Community College charters student interest groups through their Student Activities Division. These Chartered Student Clubs work with a Sinclair faculty or staff advisor. They exist independent of the Office of Campus Ministry. For more information on any of the following groups, please call the contact person listed with the name of the group.

Campus Bible Fellowship cbfdayton@yahoo.com
Campus Bible Fellowship is an international fellowship open to all students, faculty and staff. It is coordinated by student officers, sponsoring local churches and Campus Bible Fellowship staff representatives. The purpose of CBF is to encourage the understanding and application of the historic Christian faith through group and individual Bible studies, fellowships, social activities, retreats, concerts and other ministries. Contact People: Gary and Betty Holtz, (937) 878-2873, gholtz.cbf@juno.com Joseph Halloway, (614) 557-6758.

Crosswalk http://www.gocrosswalk.com 
Crosswalk Collegiate Ministries offers bible study and topical groups oriented to students. It is sponsored by Baptist Campus Ministries. For more information, go to http://gocrosswalk.com or call Sue Steck 937-427-2975 or e-mail Sue at CCM2007@ameritech.net.

Muslim Student Association sinclairmsa@yahoo.com
Muslim Student Association has recently been chartered. For more information about MSA, email sinclairmsa@yahoo.com and visit http://sinclairmsa.webs.com/

Alternative Religion Forum 
For anyone who follows a non-mainstream religious path or for those who are interested about non-mainstream religious paths… Pagans, Wiccans, Druids and other minority faiths. Bring an open mind and a tolerant attitude. For more information, contact gwyarysbail@sbcglobal.net or doughubb@yahoo.com .