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Sinclair Multifaith Campus Office:

A Center for Spiritual Life

Our Mission and History

Here is the mission statement for the Multifaith Campus Alliance (MCA) :


The Multifaith Campus Alliance envisions a future where people of all spiritual backgrounds find a welcoming place at  Sinclair Community College to celebrate religious diversity and multifaith dialogue.


We are working to fulfill that mission statement by encouraging and supporting the spiritual life of students, staff, faculty and administrators of Sinclair. We provide resources for spiritual nurture, interfaith dialogue, and diverse programming that challenges minds and hearts. We also seek to share hospitality with people of all religious faiths and traditions.

Our history of supporting the spiritual life in higher education

On July 17, 1965, the Dayton Area Campus Ministry Board was incorporated “to provide for a religious ministry for institutions of higher learning in the Dayton, Ohio, area.” This ministry has taken shape through the presence of full and part time campus ministry personnel for over four decades. The founding Board worked with Protestant Christian congregations in the Dayton area to provide ministry at Sinclair Community College and Wright State University, under the name of Dayton Ministries in Higher Education (DMHE).

In 2008, the DMHE Board revised its mission and purpose, focusing on multifaith involvement and welcoming participation from all religious traditions on its governing board, on its committees, and in general membership. This work is supported by congregations, religious and community organizations, and individuals in the Dayton area and the Ohio region. In 2016, the organization changed its name to the Multifaith Campus Alliance (MCA).

On the Sinclair Community College campus, the MCA Board cooperates with the college as The Office of Multifaith Campus Ministry. Through this partnership MCA provides a campus ministry presence that offers support and challenge to students already on a spiritual journey, as well as welcoming spiritual seekers and extending hospitality to those who need a listening ear, an open heart, and the experience of God’s compassion and grace.

Contact Information:

Multifaith Campus Alliance
P.O. Box 235
Dayton OH 45402
(937) 512-2481